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42 years old • Male • Hostel owner

I first fell in love with travelling when I was 16 and my aunt showed me her photo album of her trips in Australia and New Zealand. After that a school friend and I dreamed of going to Australia and when we were 19 the opportunity came. With not much cash and no work visa the 3 months I spent in Australia was no holiday but I was lucky enough to meet an experienced traveler who told me to go to Thailand (I had a stopover on my way home). The 3 weeks I spent there wet my appetite for Asia and I've been coming back ever since!

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    I enjoy skiing although there's not a lot of that in S.E Asia, scuba diving and most of all riding motorbikes.

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    People always ask "What is the best place you have been to?" which is difficult to answer because it depends what you are looking for. For adventure with the all the comforts of home I recommend Australia (but you will need a job!). Lazy days on stunning tropical beaches - Thailand or the Philippines. For shopping Hong Kong or Singapore however if you want real

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05 Nov 2008


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