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35 years old • Male • Graduate

Well I'm a 26 year old lad from Dublin. I have always loved travelling and I'm currently backpacking through Asia with a mate of mine for around eight months, finishing in March. I'm an easy going lad, and just like having a good time, hanging out with my mates and enjoying life; it's too short not too.

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    My main hobby would be drawing and sketching. I love art and have been at it for years. I love nature and try to photograph it at it's best as well as just being outdoors in general. After that it's the typical stuff like reading and exercising, and all the social activities (including an ole pint here and there....wouldn't be Irish if I didn't ha)

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    I've traveled around Europe, Australia and America and I have to say my favorite places would be Berlin and Rome. I could live in Rome though, it's just a great city. Melbourne is an awesome city. It's so relaxed, with a hipster vibe to it.

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"Everything happens for a reason"


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