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Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

  • Full Name: Steven Rikala ( 65 / Male )
  • Lives In: USA, California, USA
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Urban Planner , Economist
  • About Docdotcalm24:

    I am a refugee from Virtual Tourist (aka as TooTallFinn24, (Docdotcalm was already taken) and while I never attended any of their big events in my nearly five years with them I made some good friends and learned a great deal about the world from many different lenses.

    I am a retired City Planning Director who also had the opportunity to work in the financial services industry including a stint at the World Trade Center and in the office of Jerry Brown, Governor of California during his first term of office. I

    Have two wonderful sons in their 30's neither of who is married but one is engaged.

    In February, 2017 I was elected to the position of President of Rebuilding Together Greater Sacramento a charity that helps low income residents remain in their homes and assures that elderly feel safe in theirs. The organization has made improvements to over 4,500 homes in the Sacramento area.

    As of the last day that Virtual Tourist has been around I have downloaded all of my reviews and photos. I am now hoping to become more active on Travellers Point.

  • Hobbies:

    Bicycling as often and as long as these old bones can endure. Photography but still learning.

    I have a keen interest in epidemiological research and am active in a few non-profits in Northern California.

  • Favourite places:

    Every place has its own fascination and allure. The Berner Oberland of Switzerland has to be one of the most beautiful and tranquil places on this earth. The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is so unique that nothing even remotely compares with it.


Trip Stats

europe 2010 (10664 kms)

Visiting: USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

central and south america 2008 (19010 kms)

Visiting: USA, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

eastern europe 2016 (12327 kms)

Visiting: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland and USA.

Travel Help


I am familiar with the Oakland International Airport and the best ways to get there. Please be aware that as of 2015 BART now directly serves the airport. Some of the cheapest parking is located within a two mile vicinity of the airport. Parking at the airport is limited and expensive. The Oakland Airport is much easier to get in and out of than SFO. If you have questions I would be happy to answer them. I only frequent this site about once a week or so.

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I lived less than 1 mile from the San Francisco International Airport growing up in San Bruno and then slightly further away in San Carlos. The airport has been modernized over the years and is laid out so as to be easy to get around. Sam Trans and BART provide direct service to the airport whereas Cal Train provides service to Millbrae or San Bruno and requires a transfer to BART to get to the airport. I would be happy to answer any questions as well as to share my money saving tips using BART to access San Francisco as well as the Peninsula.

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I spent the first 18 years of my life living in and just south of San Francisco. I still go there at least once a month for the last forty some years. I take both public transit and drive to San Francisco. I am very familiar with all forms of public transit and the SF International Airport (SFO) which is located about twelve miles south of SF. Aside from the great tourist attractions there are many special places like such great stair walks and parks to see that are often overlooked by the infrequent visitor. I would be happy to answer any questions. Just beware that I sometime frequent this site only once a week or so.

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I have lived in Sacramento for over twenty years and know the City and its surroundings very well. Some outsiders question what there is to see in Sacramento but for those unfamiliar with it there is a lot to see, feel and experience from beautifully restored historic homes, to one of the longest bike trails on the West Coast, to an abundance of great ways to explore the City's two major rives. At VT i was the top ranked reviewer for Sacramento . Please feel free to ask me anything but recognize that I sometimes visit this site just once a week currently.

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i was raised in a Finnish family but born in the U.S. I spent over a week in Helesinki and Turku in 2015 exploring Finland. Had a great time and would be happy to answer any questions about how to plan a fun but budget trip to either of the two cities mentioned.

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