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Jill and Stacey Do the Roo is an all new 5 part reality travel webseries highlighting all the information you need before traveling to Australia. Each of our 5 diverse webshows cater to a different element of traveling Down Unda!

THE ROO captures the adventures and misadventures of Jill and Stacey as they travel all over Australia stopping in all the popular hot spots as well as the local hidden gems. THE ROO gives viewers a weekly 5 minute vacation...no passport required!

ROO REVIEWS is for the internet traveler who's looking for the excitement and thrill of the find. Roo Reviews takes the guess work out of finding the perfect restaurant, boutiques, and accommodation that works for your budget. It's where you can get a glimpse of your future trip before the adventure begins!

ROO FAQ is for those seeking a little travelers advice before heading to Oz. Get information on Working Holiday Visas, Traveler's bank accounts, cheap flights and much much more!

ROO HOW TO is for the student in all of us! This show takes you through the process of How To surf, How To spot a poisonous spider, and How To overall deal with the cultural differences of not being in your home country.

TALK TO A ROO is an intimate glimpse of what it is to truly be Australian! This show explores history, pride, culture, news, entertainment, and is a perfect excuse to listen to that delicious Aussie accent!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have always imagined.


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