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44 years old • Female • Travel Consultant & Photographer

A lover of the world, especially the food ;-) I'm on instagram as @23redboots but you won't find too many pictures of what I've eaten it never lasts that long and I enjoy food way to much to play around with trying to get the perfect instaangle. Thank you mother nature you make being greedy a pleasurable experience!

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    I've been travelling for a good few moons now it's why I called this blog Dovesei. It's always been difficult for people to keep up. I left my corporate travel job behind and embarked on quite an adventure that's included amongst other things not just speed travelling through but actually living in different countries and experiencing a way of life that corporate working conditions would never permit. I have now amassed a wealth of information on our wonderful world. Feel free to check out my map for a look at a few of the trips I haven taken recently and please contact me should you need any assistance with planning your next adventure.

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My adoptive Country I have spent over 10 years living working and travelling around the wonderful island of Ireland. Ask me anything.

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Lived here for over 10 years my adoptive City and Country. Ask me anything.

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City of London

My home town ask me anything! And yes it's expensive

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Currently living in Bogota I have spent over 9 months travelling and living in Colombia. I can help with remote areas like La Guajira South Americas most northern point also known as Colombia's orange desert or Region del Pacifico an absolute pain in the backside to get to but oh so worth it and most things in between including Santa Marta, Minca, Medellin, Bogota & Caribbean Coast. If you have begun to research your trip to this phenomenal Country you will already know that it's impossible to see or do all the things on offer here in one trip my advice would be don't make too much of a plan if that's possible learn some Spanish Colombians love to talk & then decide what's more important sun & sea, mountains & sun, cities & sun... I will help you as much as I can!

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