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About @Dreamchasers

70 years old • Female • Singer/ Songwriter / Former Teacher

My soulmate husband and I have always been captivated by foreign cultures, and what we can learn from them. This passion has fueled our global travels, as well as my study of foreign languages - French, Spanish, and now Indonesian. I continue to chase lifelong dreams, whether I am at home songwriting, performing, or recording another CD, or backpacking around the world, taking adventurous risks while learning and doing as much as possible. And always my guitar is with me, as I use music to connect with people of all cultures and am repeatedly convinced that music is indeed a universal language. I have been very privileged, as I have had both the desire and the ability to pursue my dreams, chasing them with my soulmate by my side, forever grateful for this life.

  • Hobbies:

    Passions, not hobbies. Learning as much as possible. Foreign Languages. Guitar. New Music. Songwriting. Scuba Diving. Traveling. Meeting new people.

  • Favourite places:

    In Canada, my homeland, my favorite place would be my lakeside cottage in Southern Saskatchewan. Elsewhere in the world, Southeast Asia is a place that has many favorites, most of which are in Indonesia. But of all of them, Ubud, Bali,Indonesia remains the most special place.

"This is my simple religion. My brain and heart are my temples. My philosophy kindness." Dalai Lama


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