Unnamed Trip (5723 kms)

03 Jul 2006 - 27 Jul 2006

Visiting: United Kingdom.

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I am almost fluent in Spanish, I am familiar with ferries coming in from Italy (great way to get there). I know how to use the underground in Barcelona and I know the area around Madrid's 'Gran Via' very well.

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I spent most of last summer travelling all over Western and Central Europe Including London. I really got to know this city and especially their tube (underground) system. If you have any questions regarding the Tube, ie. how it works, cost, frequency etc. feel free to ask!

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I spent a lot of time travelling in Europe last summer. I can help you with questions about Paris and the rail system, specifically the Eurostar which is how I got to Paris via London.

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I entered from Belgium via bus, I know a bit about Amsterdam and the highway system there as that is how we go around.

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I live near New York City. I can help you with travels in Florida, New England and of course, New York City.

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Last summer I travelled for a month in ten different countries in Europe. I became a leader of the trip with my knowledge of map reading and my language skills with Spanish and some German. The chaperones of this trip designated me as the naviagtor of the bus. I led excursions into the cities to find laundromats, ATMs, public toilettes etc. I became familiar with many tricks when travelling in Europe and I believe that I can help answer many questions from prospective and current travellers. World travel is my passion and I wish to share it with others.

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I travelled in Germany last year. I am familiar with the Autobahn network in the country and U-Bahn system in Münich. I went to Heidelberg, Weinheim, Rothenburg, Münich, Dachau, Oberammergau, Füßen and I crossed the border into western Austria. So if you need any help feel free to ask. I also speak some German and can help you with common phrases.

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I crossed the border from Switzerland, went to Verona, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Orvietto, Florence, Pisa, Genoa and took a ferry to Spain. I am VERY familiar with the chaotic places they call motorway stops. You WILL need help with them if you plan on driving in Italy. Contact me.

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I speak a bit of German and can help you with some common phrases. I know about Luzern and getting to Mt. Pilatus.

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