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  • A mini-break to Madrid - I never go on mini-breaks, not because I don't want to - I do, but because I'm always saving up for a bigger trip (which I also am doing at the moment) but this chance was to good to miss. Five days in Madrid with Mom and Dad visiting old friends, really nice:-)
  • Through the Middle East 2008 - I have for a long time been facinated with the Middle East, so much history originates from that area of the world. Ever since my Mom told me of Petra, I've wanted to go there, and the Pyramids - every traveller has to see them at least once I've been told. So in this year 2008, where I did not get a job at the Olympics in Beijing, I'm travelling through a bit of the Middle East; I'll start in Istanbul, travel throug Syria and Jordan and finishing in Cairo, Egypt, hopefully with a long visit to the Egyptian Museum, to see all those unfanthomable treasures.
  • Studying at Universidad de Granada - I am going to study at Universidad de Granada in Andalucia. My major is, as most of you know, Chinese, and here in Spain I'll be taking English as my minor. I'm travelling abroad as an ERASMUS student,which means that the EU will support me a little, and that I'll get full merit for my studies when I get back home.
  • A birthday trip to Berlin and Hamburg - For my 25th birthday my Dad got me a extended weekend trip to Berlin, to visit some good friends. I have travelled the World, but I have somehow managed not to have seen Berlin yet. So I will be seing Berlin covered in snow, when seing the city for the first time. And in addition to the trip to Berlin, I also got the chance to visit Hamburg a few weeks later, so I guess I'll be a German-double-entendre.
  • Summer school in Singapore and interning in China - Når muligheden for at læse sit tilvalg i solskin istedet for regnvejr byder sig, vil det da være dumt at sige nej. Derfor har jeg nu i Singapore hvor jeg læste mit kandidattilvalg i 5½ uge. Det meste af tiden blev brugt i Singapore, men det blev også til en 10 dages tur til Java, i Indonesien. Og når muligheden for at forbedre sit kinesiske og lære noget om handel og de dansk-kinesiske diplomatiske bånd, er det da også dumt at lave være, derfor sidder jeg nu i kinas næstmest forurende by på Det Danske Handelskonsulat.
  • Coming to America - My first short trip and my first trip to the US - and all that with my wonderful boyfriend Andreas. We're visiting my aunt, Ussi, in Alexandria, Virginia, and spending our time relaxing and exploring nearby Washington, D.C.
  • India Unplugged - It is quite a while since I've been out seeing the world with my backpack, so I'm really exited about my trip. I'll be starting in New Delhi, then spend about 3 weeks in northern India before flying to south India, where I'll be spending another 3 weeks before flying home via Goa and Mumbai. A few people have been concerned for my well-being, referring to the rape of a foreign woman in 2012. I'll do my very best to take care of myself. So please, try not to worry too much - travel is never completely safe, but neither is crossing the road in rush-hour.
  • The first, and so far only, time I've been "over there" - With my mom and dad and his parents visiting my aunt and uncle.
  • Class trip with 3U - Lovely trip, saw a lot of weird things, amongst others "Red Lights District"...
  • I'm going to a land Down Under - My great big "Out of High School"-trip...and what did I chose...a country that is experiencing winter while I'm there...hmm...well it was a gorgeous trip anyways.
  • Skiing in Austra - Always nice to slide down a decline
  • Moved to the middle of nowhere with my mom and dad. - Well...this was a hole in the ground, the neighbours floors were clay, rats everywhere, but...it was exotic.
  • Again China, the less nowhere, still with mom and dad - This time around I learned to speak Chinese, went Chinese kindergarten, learn good nationalistic songs, and everything that comes along.
  • Exchange student in Nanjing - The hardest, yet most rewardful year of my life
  • China at last... - I may have lived in China for years, but this was my first holiday trip to China. First half of my holuday I travelled with two friends from my high school class, the second half I travelled alone. Six weeks zigzagging across China, starting in Beijing and ending in Hong Kong.
  • In Beijing as a university student - This travelouge will be about my stay at ECCS (European Center of Chinese Studies) at Peking University. It is my 3. term as a Chinese student, and this term in Beijing is compulsory, which I really do not mind. It is going to be so exiting.
  • My home country - Well, can you actually travel to your home country...I've lived a little longer in Denmark, than I've lived abroad, but there are things to be said about Denmark, and it is definitely a country I've visited, so I think it belongs here.
  • Filippinerne, så ikke meget, men fik styr på hovedet - En af de bedste fødselsdagsgaver jeg nogen sinde har fået. Tusind, tusind tak...
  • Holiday with the family in southern France - Not the most mind boggeling holiday, but I had time to relaxe
  • Summer holiday with mom and dad - Relaxing in southern France.
  • Skiing along boarders - Many kilometers of slobe to ski on, but so bad weather that you couldn't, and then on top of it I got sick on the ONLY day we had sunshine:-(
  • Bathing in the sun - Quite nice holiday, a lot of relaxation. Got to see Venice, though only for one day
  • Language course on Malta - Three weeks in the sun, with gorgeous Mediteranean men around, who actually spoke English
  • Lived there too - Can't really remember it, but I lived there too...
  • A 5-day trip with the local youth club - Got to see a lot in those 5 days in Easter, kinda needed an other holiday after that.
  • From Thailand, through Cambodia to Vietnam, and then northwards to Beijing to start university. - Again in Thailand, and this time not only in transit. Then on bike from Bankok to Saigon via Cambodia...I am to see Angkor Wat at last...then from Saigon to Hanoi stopping along the way. After that it is again time for some boarder crossing, when entering China, and then...home, for the next 6 month - Beijing
  • A DREAM COMING TRUE! Sailing for five weeks from Tuvalu to Kiribati. - I have been dreaming of going to the South Pacific since I were about 5 years old, and now that dream is coming true...I still can't believe it. I'll be sailing from Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu to Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati. 5 weeks on the big blue ocean, 4 of the weeks will be islands cruising, one week will be ocean passage. On my way there I'll stop briefly on Fiji, and on my way home I will have two days in Honolulu, Hawaii. I can't wait till August...
  • Siam City Cement - My dad got a job again in Thailand
  • Class trip to Wales - Wonderful place, but I felt like crap because I crashed on bike the very first day.
  • Mission to Indonesia - First business-trip to Indonesia

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