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About @Evanda

Evan and Amanda have been together since 2006 and were married in August of 2009. After only 3 months of dating we travelled to Costa Rica and we learned about our shared joy of travel and zest for adventure and since then we explore as often as we can on some long exotic trips or even just for the day close to home.

We live in one of the greatest cities on the planet, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary's close proximity to the Rocky Mountains allows us to be outdoor enthusiasts even if we are classified as 'weekend warriors'. We try to get out to the mountains as much as possible either on a day scramble or hike, a little mountain biking, multi day back country camping, front country camping in our 1986 VW Westfallia (Vincent VanGogh), down hill/cross country/backcountry skiing or a romantic getaway to Banff & Lake Louise. The mountains are our playground and we are so fortunate to live where we do to allow us to do all the hobbies we love.

We are both fortunate to have good jobs, great friends and all of (Evans) immediate family in Calgary also. We have no children and are both in our 40's, early on in our relationship we decide that although we love children we would not have any of our own. Our children come in the form of our nieces and nephews, friends children and our fur child Jake!

We travel because we love to experience different cultures and tend to go to places we know the least about. Learning about other countries first hand as opposed to what we were told is our school...trying to learn languages, religions, foods, culture, music, geography are all experiences we hope is a part of the rest of our lives...

This blog will be writing mostly by myself (Evan) but everything that's in here has been experienced by both of us and without each other Evanda would never be as fun and most of the travelling wouldn't occur...All pictures on this site are taken by us with the combination of one of 4 cameras...i will have an upcoming post on the details of these.

it's a big planet and we only get one life to appreciate it So Giver!

One life ... One planet ... Giver


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