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State of Palestine

Last visits in 96 and 97 - Gaza Strip. Here and there perhaps a bit of advice perhaps but assume I can't remember!

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Turkish Cyprus. Almost annual visitor since 1991. Not much help on hotels!

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Aug 05 Entered from Uzbek. and left to Russia. Crossed the country by car turning north at Almaty. Here and there a bit of info but no travel expert!!

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Entered in the far West using a border that is only open to local traffic in a RHD 2CV. After the car died we hired a jeep and driver and crossed the country in a 75 hr almost non stop journey. Lots of info but no idea about hotels, sites etc! (except UB!)

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Travelled through Turkmenistan in Aug 05 entering with a car at Turkmenbashi (ferry from Baku) and leaving at Turkmenabat to Uzbekistan. Nobody else is helping for this country so before you have no information you are welcome to ask an one time visitor!! (Who was also deported and is currently banned!) They are strict there!!

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Entered from Turkmenistan and left to Kazachstan with a car (RHD) Not much info but maybe something that will help make your stay a bit more comfortable.

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