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The is nothing so useless as a general maxim!

  • Full Name: Fred Thornett ( 82 / Male )
  • Lives In: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • Citizenship: Australia
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Occupation: Semi-retired
  • About Fredushka:

    I am 67, still active and live my wife who still works as a translator of Russian and Japanese. We both like travel and manage to take about eight weeks holiday a year.

    I am interested in science, technology, humanity's interaction with nature and just about anything with some intellectual content.

    I am interested in learning more about everything. I reckon that by the time I am 149 I will be ready slow down a little

  • Hobbies:

    I am too busy for hobbies though we do like driving around Tasmania in our MX5 on balmy days. I also like riding my Yamaha 750 cc motorbike. We have a dog, mine: a cat, Ludmila's. All our kids are now adults and live elswhere.

  • Favourite places:

    Mountains, forests, beaches and other wild, empty places such which abound in Tasmania.

    I also like art galleries, museums and the like.

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I have travelled widely in Russia in recent years. I have also been to almost every part of Australia, including Tasmania at various times over many years. I am willing to provide answers to questions about travelling in these two countries. However, I have no knowledge of rock music, bars and such like venues of interest to the very young.

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