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33 years old • Wanderlust Therapist

Similar outcomes, begin in different places.
But see and believe it, we're home to the spaces.
Separate but equal, to fail and succeed.
Not much required, there's not much we need.
See where they find us, contribute your cents
All that we ask is light, love, and good sense.

We are a young couple (22 and 23) who met in San Sebastian, Spain, over a year ago during Semane Grande. 10 months later we reunited at my home on Oahu, and decided three weeks wasn't long enough. So I sold my car, left my apartment, and began what would be the most unexpected 5-month journey through the roads of Mainland USA.

"Ne'er know, less you go"


Take One: Annabelle + Gabrielle *

11 Jul 2012 - 30 Jul 2012 • 1,352 kms


The Final Loop, 21 Days

• 6,748 kms


Long Stretch Home

• 1,673 kms


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