Gillian McKenzie

Wellington, NSW, Australia


About @G Mac

56 years old • Female • NSW Government

55 year old CIS gendered woman. Love to travel and love to plan travel. Apart from when I'm on holidays, I'm very much a home body. I'm single by choice and therefore travel alone as well.

  • Hobbies:

    I run a Facebook page all about Old Hollywood and enjoy TikTok.

  • Favourite places:

    UK, Maldives, Places local to my house.

Empathy to all. Have Fun and just be nice.


UK 2022

29 Jul 2022 - 06 Aug 2024 • 5,784 kms

United Kingdom Ireland

10 day NZ Cruise

10 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024 • 5,027 kms

New Zealand Australia

UK 2025

12 Aug 2024 - 03 Oct 2024 • 3,961 kms

United Kingdom England

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