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42 years old • Male

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    - nature
    - photography
    - travel
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    - philosophie

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    Cappadocia (Turkey)
    Iran as a whole!
    Karakoram & Hindukush (Pakistan),
    Hampi (India)
    Luang Prabang & Kong Si (Laos)
    Bagan (Myanmar)
    Taiwan (Formosa)
    Palawan & Batad (Phillipines)

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Travel Help


I was traveling for quite some time in India, also I lived one year in Kerala. Especially for Kerala but also other parts of South India like (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) I can give you many info's. For the north of India and India in general I'll be able to give you good advices.

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Iran, my big love... I have been in 2007 for 9 weeks in Iran and would love to share my experience with you! Feel free to contact me for advices and recommendations....

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Twice I have visited this incredible country. Its well worth a visit, especially for nature lovers and people who want to know the trough behind the propaganda. I can provide plenty of recommendations for the stunning north of the country, as well as general knowledge as well as some extras ;o)

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