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Hmmm. Needs More Rope.

  • Full Name: Rich Perkins ( 41 / Male )
  • Lives In: Lower Jamestown, Saint Helena
  • Citizenship: United Kingdom
  • Website:
  • Occupation: Cartographer (i.e. drink beer & travel)
  • About Gelli:

    Welsh now living on St. Helena. Previously also lived in Eng, Ger, Slo, Liech, Switz, The Netherlands and mostly recently Sweden. Easy going/laid back. Somewhat unhinged with a warped sense of humour

    Very Experienced surface traveller (I don't fly) and I travel extensively for both work/pleasure. Generally prefer to make it up as I go along, or only have a loose plan. Also getting away from the beaten track - it's much more fun.

  • Hobbies:

    Travel and more travel, meeting people when travelling, Alcohol consumption, Alcohol consumption whilst traveling, Cycling, Ski Jumping, Welsh RFU, Football, Sports in general, Music, Maps

  • Favourite places:

    Is always the next new one. Plus Bosnia-H, Catalunya, Harry's Bar, Hokkaido, Stockholm archipelago, Fez, Ulan Ude, Northern Lao, Southern Croatia and most of the Alpine area are among many favs. I love mountains, particularly with lakes etc around them.

    Having said that, Iraq in 01 and Belgrade during the bombing (both alone and almost entirely by accident) were interesting to say the least...

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test trip for overload peter (2978 kms)

03 Feb 2013 - 16 Feb 2013

Visiting: USA and Greenland.

QM2, Westbound Apr-May 2012 (5876 kms)

28 Apr 2012 - 04 May 2012

Visiting: United Kingdom and USA.

Zanzibar to Nairobi (967 kms)

25 Apr 2009 - 01 May 2009

Visiting: Tanzania and Kenya.

Travel Help


I live on St. Helena, and everything/everybody goes through Ascension on it's way pretty much anywhere. if i don't know the answer, i 'll know many who do and can get back to you.

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Experienced land traveller across Europe (all except Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Iceland), CIS etc. Been travelling more or less constantly for 10 years, and do average of 150k - 200k km per year. Have lived in UK, Neth, Liech, Switz, Ger and now Swe. Don't fly, so excepting ferry portions, virtually all is train based. As i've had over 70 interrail tickets I guess that's my speciality, along with general timetable/day/night train issues etc. Also, map queries (i'm a cartographer), especially to do with London as i produce a large chunk of the public transport info for them. But I can help with virtually anything on Europe. Just ask.

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I live here, and a it's a small place I should be able to answer most or all of your queries (or at least be able to ask somebody who does know, and get back to you)

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