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44 years old • Female • Citizen of Philippines • Marketing Manager

i love my beautiful not-little-anymore Guiannina.
i love my handsome baby boy Gianfranco.
i love my family (Mom, Dad and Sibs)
I love my baby Gi.
i love my friends.
i love strawberries and cream.
i love the rain (when i'm indoors..)
i love my friends, the real ones.
i love reading.
i love sleeping (when i can).
i love hugs and kisses.
I love knowing that i am loved.
I have loved and lost and loved again.

  • Hobbies:

    reading (jeffrey deaver, tony hillerman, mario puzo)/ staying up late/ watching TV series

  • Favourite places:

    tagaytay/ baguio/ bicol/ pangasinan/ manila/ zambales/ olongapo/ batangas/ laguna/ manila/ dubai

you go through life only once...enjoy!


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