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I don't wan't to be a milionare, I just want to live like one

  • Full Name: Gorazd Milosevski ( 33 / Male )
  • Lives In: Skopje, Macedonia
  • Citizenship: Macedonia
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: College Student
  • About Goks:

    I'd say I'm a pleasn't guy to be arround... very modest too (yeah you can see that right away huh? hehehe). I love everything, even a night under the interogation light in Cuba would be cultural exploring to me. I love to travel, I'd go anywhere, even if i need to go alone, though it's always beter to have a mate you can share the expiriance with (if it's a lassie even beter. just being honest :) )

  • Hobbies:

    I love go carts, especialy the ones we have here (no lame speed limitation). Photography is also one of my interests (an amateur but a good one) you can check out my photos at www.goksy.deviantart.com

  • Favourite places:

    Winston-Salem NC, Washington DC, whole Macedonia from the ones i have visited, and the ones I live in hehehe. Countries I'd like to visit are Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brasil, South African Republic, Thailand, Germany... ah heck i want to see the WORLD!


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Visiting: Macedonia.

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Whatever you want to know about the country from historical background, to best dishes, MSP's (must see places), geting around, good unexplored locations... just ask :)

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