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About @Grete Howard

65 years old • Female • Retired

All the words and pictures are my own unless specified - if you would like to use any of this content, including photos, please contact me.

I am a 50-something gal who is passionate about photography, obsessive about travel and living life to the full in retirement.

Obsessive Compulsive Travel Disorder

I have been suffering from this rare, little know malady for some time now, and I am concerned with ensuring that my condition is kept at bay at all times. There is no cure for this ailment; the best you can hope for is the continual availability of medication. The single, most successful remedy for this affliction is to ensure that you have plenty of ongoing and recurring voyages. Therapy, in the form of foreign travel, has to be administered on a regular basis. If the interval between each dose is too prolonged or intermittent, a reasonable supplementary drug can be administered by way of travel reading, travel shows, travel planning, travel talks etc in order to ensure stabilisation of the illness at all times. I would consequently like to recommend to the medical profession that this drug be available on prescription from the health service.

All joking apart - travel is in my blood, and I am lucky to have been able to delve into it headlong, accompanied by my better half, David, to some of the most amazing places in this world. 136 countries and counting.

With this blog, I hope to share some of that passion with the world, and hopefully encourage some of you to go out there and explore for yourself.

Travel leaves you speechless , then turns you into a storyteller.


South East Asia Grand Tour 2023

06 Sep 2023 - 31 Oct 2023 • 40,724 kms

United Kingdom England Qatar Singapore Indonesia East Timor Philippines Brunei Malaysia

In the Realm of the Ice Bear - Svalbard 2023

23 Jul 2023 - 07 Aug 2023 • 7,981 kms

United Kingdom Norway Svalbard

Diggerland - David's 70th Birthday Treat 2023

10 Jul 2023 - 16 Jul 2023 • 853 kms

United Kingdom


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