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About @Gypsy Lee

65 years old • Female • Citizen of South Africa • own business consulting/artist/healer

I live & love passionately...enthralled with each & every day, excited about what lies ahead, an eternal optimist, feet firmly planted..inspired by beautiful sunsets, the moon, old people, babies, fire, the sea, mountains..

Destiny has brought me to Portugal in a most unexpected way. My ticket was booked for 6 weeks, but I have fallen in love with the people and the country, so have extended this to 4 months now (Nov 2010) and hopefully will stay for much longer. This blog is my way of sharing my shenanigans (the positive version ~ high-spirited activity!!) with the folks back home, and elsewhere.

My dream list grows, even though I have fulfilled many of my desires - still to backpack through Peru & Chile, take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti migration, cruise Alaska, learn to play the sax. I have embraced a life-long dream to paint and still have the skeletons of 3 books lying around begging for some flesh - hope to get there soon. My spiritual journey is paramount for in that place one is fulfilled, complete and able to share fully - I grow each day and love the space in which I find myself - a freer, lighter being, unfettered by the trappings of what I call babylon, spiritually conscious and making a difference.

I am crazy about travel, other cultures, good food, good wine. Living life to the full, no regrets, no dress rehearsals, loving deeply and passionately even though it may hurt, cos that's the only way to live!

Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

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    spiritual growth/enlightenment, great food, travel, other cultures, movies, reading, breeding & training German Shepherds, bridge, djembe drumming, dancing

  • Favourite places:

    Portugal, Greece, Transkei, anywhere that my loved ones are!

  • Elsewhere: http://www.lifespace.co.za
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