Hans Hendriksen

Haarlo, Netherlands


About @HansNL

64 years old • Male • Citizen of Netherlands • Account Manager in railway market

Besides letting myself continuously surprise about other cultures and people, travelling is for me the best way to discover my own identity and keep an open-mind attitude. Travel experiences always increase my tolerance and confirm my most essential values in life: one should be lucky enough to be able to love and learn every day, to go and stay where you want and do the things you really enjoy.

  • Hobbies:

    Travel Photography (more than a hobby), drive my Yamaha Wildstar motorcycle and KTM 520 motocross bike, play my piano and work on my homepage www.hanshendriksen.net

  • Favourite places:

    India and my next destination

  • Elsewhere: http://www.hanshendriksen.net
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