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30 years old • Male • Citizen of Belgium • Student

Well, it's not always easy to speak about yourself but I'll try...
I've always lived in Belgium, same place. Currently, I'm in a flat in Brussels because it's where I go to university but I go seeing my family on week ends.
I've got 3 sisters so I know what a big family means!
I speak a lot, and don't like people who never have anything to say. I think I am friendly, smiling, perfectionist, but also stubborn sometimes and I'm definitely impatient.

  • Hobbies:

    I used to play football in a team before but it got pretty difficult to organize myself when I went to uni. But it's always a pleasure when I can play with some friends in a park, on a beach or whatever.
    I used to be a scout but I gave up that too when I went to uni.
    I like going to music festivals, student parties, drinking a beer with some friends, meeting people.
    I did my baptism in university. That is not always easy to explain to foreigners. I'm organizing the ski-trip for all the group this year and I'm in the Erasmus committee in my university this year.

  • Favourite places:

    I really loved Budapest which I visited last year!
    I like going to England even if it's not very a tropical destination!


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