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To be the change I want to see in the world

  • Full Name: Wai ( Female )
  • Lives In: London, United Kingdom
  • Occupation: Producer
  • About Indiegal:

    Personality: Vivacious

    Likes/dislikes: Wolves in Sheep's skin

    Food:Fries and chocolates (com' on! not together!!!)

    Entertainment: Gigin' Pubin' eatin' out, cinema, Wii

    Music: Indie rock babie!

    Education: Film/TV

    Religion/spirituality/beliefs: God is real.

    Pet peeves: People chewin' with their mouth open, Litter, People that stand too close behind you in lines, Drivers who tailgate, Drivers that don't signal.

    Goals/dreams/plans: Inspire people through my films and photos and totally travel this earth.

    Professional: Producer

    Unusual experiences: Worked for and with President Clinton. A-amazing the pix to prove

    What is important to you: Plain and simple oneness.

  • Hobbies:

    Filming, Photography, Art (let's keep it abstract yea), Travel, Watching films, documentaries and TV shows, pubin' Attending rock gigs (feels like ur flyin'), Listenin' and dancin' to rock...Indie rock (technically jumpin' up and down is still dancing), Socialisin', Studyin' bout God with my friends (my God rocks!), cookin' and eatin' (food is a great thing and with a glass of fine red wine, I'm happy), Readin', Swimmin', Walks, cyclin' An even mix of chillaxin' and productive work.

  • Favourite places:

    Zanzibar - Just heaven.

    San Francisco - Suddenly I see why everyone there is so chilled out and proper carefree...that vibe it spreads like a rash....or was it the marijuana everyone seems to be inhaling out there.

    Cape Town - Amazing in every sense of the word and those Captonians know how to party. Its Hectic bra!

    Ireland - Ok, I'm biased here coz I just love them Irish contrary to the belief that I'd hate them seeing I was in a convent for half my also kinda tend to drink more when your there, don't you think?

    Italy - Fantastica...

    Kenya - Where else do you get animals and people that galvanize you?

    Tanzania - If your looking for beautiful people. That's the one stop shop...Bongo rules!

    I could go on, so these are just but a few.


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