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About @Italea

40 years old • Female • Travel, learning, culture and langages

I'm creative in all things I do. My passion is travel, writing, peinting, and shoes, or adorning myself LOL. I'm constantly inventive, I'm an hyperactive.
I need to move all the time.
I like discover new things and go to meet people.
I need to feel exist and to continually learn new things.
I can do everything, I learn very fast, and I'm very good.

  • Hobbies:

    I play tennis, golf, fencing and martials arts like karate, yoga or tai-chi-chuan.
    I like this philosophy with martial art and this life style.
    I try to travel a lot, I stay some times in the country, I work and I go in another place.

  • Favourite places:

    I love Rome, and Paris.
    I like Rio de Janeiro and Québec.
    I would to go everywhere and know all the part of the world.
    I would like never stop me, I hope I can travel everytime in my life, since after my studies, for my real job, if you have some propositions ...?

Travel and meet people to get new friends.


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