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39 years old • Male • Citizen of USA • Behavior Analyist, vagabond, student

THE SECRET OF GENIUS IS TO CARRY THE SPIRIT OF CHILDHOOD INTO MATURITY... Anyone want to run through the sprinklers with me? ... Road Trip!... (Shooz) R.E.S.P.E.C.T.--audiotistic is still the best concert ive been to...much love D, Cobes, and Amber...where ever you are Blee/Skree- LAME? WE ARE ALL IN THE GUTTER, BUT SOME OF US ARE LOOKING AT THE STARS... Ever live with an illegal immigrant...como esta Antonio? Sometimes I dont like me (Its been an interesting ride). 4657 Tajo...you would have had to have been there... I have no passion except for the persuit of those few and far between beautiful moments in life that make it all worthwhile. (I wish id notice them more often) Heisenburg, can you save me? I like to put myself in situations I may not be able to handle. What is who I am? Its not that I cant dance... "Im Michael" I want to experience all that life has to offer...despair and extasy... 2pac is that you? Shy or Arrogant? what do you think? AN ADVENTURE IS ONLY AN INCONVIENCE RIGHTLY CONSIDDERED . AN INCONVIENENCE IS AN ADVENTURE WRONGLY CONSIDDERED... I want to leave. I miss Bahia and Ariel de Ajuda... Love you casey... How you gonna mug someone below a giant statue of Christ...karma? I close my eyes and remember Petrolia, A Dead Throwback Band, home made hard apple cider...and i smile. 12 days and 165 miles aroud "the lake" and I emerge conspicuously the same.

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    Vagabondage, People Watching, Climbing, Music, Art

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    Lost Coast (CA), TRT (CA/NV), Ariel de Ajuda (BR), Bahia (BR)



03 Aug 1982 - 11 Apr 2007 • 18,007 kms

USA Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Laos

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