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Okay, its a small country i must admit., Singapore, Singapore


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32 years old • Female • Student-on-a-break

I am 18 going on 19. I love food, travelling, good music, proud to be asian, a cheerleader, a lit student(even though i have no flair in it) and a geog student.

  • Hobbies:

    1. Sports(any kind, i ice-skate, rollerblade, run, swim, do gymnast, cheerleading, play table tennis, badminton, and there's plenty more that i would like to learn)
    2. Cooking. Singaporean Food critic Seeto once said, 'The chinese will eat anything that has legs except tables and anything that has wings except aeroplanes', i second that (:
    3. Reading - big fan!
    4. Dance, performing, cheer.
    5. Travelling
    6. (i secretly enjoy farming heeheehee)

  • Favourite places:

    Singapore, Hawaii, Penang, Bangkok, Phuket, Korea, Japan, USA, Italy, my bed....Hahah (:



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