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38 years old • Female • full time student

It's quite difficult to describe myself because I know there is so much about me to be discover....but I do know in fact that I'm a generous person who loves to travel and experience different cultures and help others as much as I can...... I love seeing what this planet is all about......Right now I'm a full time student who is eager in finishing school and start a new chapter in her mystery life........

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    going to the beach and collecting shells and getting a nice tan.jejeje what can i say, "I love the beach." going to concerts. traveling, dancing,bars, and much more I'm usually down for something new........

  • Favourite places:

    ummmmm Have so many but Barcelona,Espana 2)Firenze,Rome,Italia, 3)Montreal,Canada, 4)quintana Roo, Chiapas,Yucatan,Mexico and is planning in traveling in many many many more places..........




26 Aug 2008 - 31 Aug 2008 • 10,188 kms



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