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London, United Kingdom


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45 years old • Female • Citizen of United Kingdom

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    ... currently being revised - need to get outa comfort zone!

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    ...yet to be discovered!
    In London - the Southbank and our parks, Camden, the west end of the 80s and 90s, Notting Hill and Holland Park and of course Shepherds Bush (before and after the make-over).
    Japan - the ambience, the FOOD, hospitality, natural beauty, its history.
    Taiwan - Taipei - I SAW THE JADE BOK CHOI and the JADE PORK SLICE! The amazing culinary skills of Mrs Chen, and warm and sincere hospitality and kindness of Mr and Mrs Chen, who provided us with a beautiful insight of the history, culture and natural beauty of their country.
    Greek Islands, esp Kefallonia - breathtaking...
    ...starting to think about visiting the USA...tbc

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