Maria Cristina Falls

Makati, NCR, Philippines


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37 years old • Male

Born under the sign of the Crab in the year of the OX, I can be hard-headed, stubborn and argumentative at times but I am fiercely loyal to friends. I do not believe in "first impression lasts" coz it has never given me any good feedback. I may look strict and unapproachable but that's only a front to a fragile child inside me. (Hehhehe)

If i were an animal, i would be a dog. Very friendly and loyal yet very cunning and mischievous when situation requires it.

If i were a language, i would be German. Very intimidating yet sure to stir your curiosity.

I am a sucker for adventure. I would love to grab a pair of slippers than a pair of rubber shoes. A pressed powder than a liquid foundation. A lip gloss than a lipstick. Armani Exchange (of cors i work here, pero seriously ukay ang gusto ko :) ) than Versace! Cologne than a bottle of Black Polo and yes Discovery Channel than HBO!

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