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33 years old • Female • Student

I'm 17, go to boarding school in England. Most of my travels so far have been with family or school but I've begun planning expeditions abroad for a gap year. I'm hoping to study Archaeology and Antrhopolgy at Cambridge (fingers crossed!) and then perhaps work for the BBC in the documentary division and do research travel. I'm fascinated by people and cultures of every kind, love surviving on very little and breaking away from civilisation. I like nothing more than a gruelling test of endurance and live for that feeling of satisfaction when you come out the other side :)

  • Hobbies:

    Love playing squash, wakeboarding, surfing, playing pool, have competed in a couple of walking expeditions, Art, Rock climbing, shooting, golf, debating...and I think I better stop there

  • Favourite places:

    Little Cayman (tiny, beautiful iguana infested island - the smallest of the 3), Costa Rica (the real reason I long for the rainforest), and then definitly the African savanah, or just Africa in general

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Cayman Islands

Hi, I'm 17 and have lived in The Cayman Islands all my life so am an official resident and know pretty much everything about all three islands (they're fairly small so it wasn't hard) and I also go to boarding school in England. If you need to know anything about travelling here, from night life to fishing spots, I am happy to help, and can provide advice and opinions from a local's point of view as well as from someone who as lived in the UK.

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