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31 years old • Female • Translator, blogger


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    Blogging, writing about weekend travelling, creating travel planning tips, socionics, watching scientific movies, reading socio-psychological books

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    Some of which I have already wrote about: MacKerricher State Park, California;
    Casablanca Valley, Chile; Blue Lagoon.

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Medieval Weekend in Tourrette-Levens

12 Apr 2014 - 13 Apr 2014 • 302 kms

Switzerland France

Travel Help


I like to visit unusual places in Europe such as nature-transformed places, places for aqua relaxation, inspiring places, citadels of beauty, peaceful and exotic places. When planning my trip, I usually make a route using a Tripcheat site which also helps to find rather cheap accommodation and manage my time. In anyone of you will get lost or have some fears regarding the road you need to follow - I'll be happy to help!

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I know lots about were to go hiking in Latvia. Having a huge amount of information on route-planning, I can advice anyone about where to go best in order to fully enjoy the nature of this country (bushy national parks, dense needle leaf forests and small but rather deep lakes with tranquil grey-blue waters...). Feel free to ask!

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I can give any traveller a piece of advice concerning weekend planning in Riga. Weekend planning is the most interesting thing I can even imagine because I follow all the entertainment opportunities which is popular in this city at the present moment. Usually I make routes - travel destinations from point A to point B by using a Tripcheat meta-search site (It helps to make the route directly on the city road map, in such a way people can't get lost if they will follow the created route).

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