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40 years old • Female • Photographer

It's taken me a few years longer than anticipated, but i want to experience life in Australia, on my terms (going in late Sept 2011). There is so much more to life then what is thrown in our faces by all the marketing forces. Do you really need all that STUFF in your life? No, you don't. So i'm packing a back pack, investing in some good shoes, and heading on out! I am an independent adult and i know i can enjoy my own company, as well as people i just met. There always seems to be some kind of connection between new friends, and i look forward to figuring some out.

I am an adventurous soul and am hoping to push myself beyond any fears or challenges i come upon. I believe some cliff diving may consume a few days! As a photographer, i know i will snap more than just a few epic moments of fear and fun, all in one!

I am simply me, Lesley. Completely and proudly canadian. Honest and stubborn. But most of all, happily content with who i am today and excited for how my future experiences will influence who i am tomorrow.
Nice to meet you, i am Lesley!

  • Hobbies:

    PHOTOGRAPHY. Longboarding. Learning to play acoustic guitar. Making feathered earings and necklaces.

  • Favourite places:

    Cathedral Grove, Victoria Island, BC. Canada.

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