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18 years old • Male • school

im a guy that likes traveling, from the netherlands, and id like a vanagon to live in.
PS: i like those hippie sunglases.
PS: i gotta dog named simba from the lion king.
PS: me fav kinds of music genre's are: Blues, Bluegrass, Electro swing, Swing, Jazz, Reggae. id also like to play the bass guitar for those who where wondering.

  • Hobbies:

    Working with vehicles, (rather with nature frendly energie, aldo there isnt much invented yet, at the time id choose electric with solarpannels.)

    Being in nature.





  • Favourite places:

    I like most of what u can see on earth exept: old factories and other things that are bad for the world.

    Some highlights are: places with a lot of nature, (lakes, mountains, forests, etc.)
    places with snow,
    and places with happy nice people.

Have fun, but don't take to much of the earth while doing so.


Moped through the Ardennes

• 1,034 kms

Netherlands Belgium France

Moped trip through Rømø, Denmark

• 609 kms

Netherlands Denmark

Moped trip across the elbe

• 1,899 kms

Netherlands Germany

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