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"It is now or never"

  • Full Name: Karen Ruiz ( 32 / Female )
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Traveler
  • About Lunalunera:

    I am a collector of magical moments and wonderful friends. I live to find places that take my breath away and to find people to love.

    Born in Colombia then moved to the states. I love to travel, as a matter of fact I can't think of anything I like to do more. To me it is all about learning new languages, eating new food, making new friends. Absorbing every culture I can and make it part of myself. I try to always be open minded with new ideas and way of doing things. I love Martial Arts and Rock Climbing.

    Im still a child in so many ways, My ideas of life are so immature and I feel like traveling is a great way to educate myself.

    I voice out my thoughts very often. And I am trying to treat everyday as it is my last therefore I treat every encounter as my last. So If I like you I will try to make you understand that you are important to me so I won't regret it later when you are not longer around.

    I only believe in one absolute truth and that is that everyone sees everything differently even if they are looking at the same thing.

    My sense of humor is random but I think I'm funny.

    I will give most things a try except for spicy food. So If you are cooking Monkey brains and they are not spicy I will try them.

    I will do my best to listen to you and if you feel like you have something to say and Im not listening. I give you permission to poke me to get my attention ( But not too much because I'm ticklish).

    I love exotic animals , It is my dream to swim with sharks and jellyfish.

    I like chasing butterflies.

  • Hobbies:

    Rock climbing and doing stupid but fun things.

  • Favourite places:

    The Amazon, Austin TX, Los Termales de San Vicente, Kyoto Japan


Trip Stats

To see what I can see (37508 kms)

Visiting: Colombia, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Australia.

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