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About @NT01

56 years old • Male • Consultant

49 UN countries (59 TCC) and counting (just did another 16 new countries in 2019). As the travels I did in 2016, 2017 and 2018 have been revisits to those I have long gone to in the past, this year 2019 is about discovering new destinations. So far, I have added 4 and look forward to adding at least 10 more in the next six months.

I would call myself a traveler and not a tourist (although there are times I will have to be a tourist). My preference is to visit places during the off-season, thus avoiding the crowds and expensive rates. But there are times when one must visit certain places only during the times of festivals and great celebrations, so I tend to balance things out.

I am a former travel agency manager and trainer for airline reservations systems. Travel has now become a hobby aside from a career - I love giving travel advice, especially the more complicated ones (e.g. fare differences, travel restrictions, comparing travel options, etc.)

I also use technology, as much as possible, to make travel a more pleasant experience - not as a burden.

The average global smartphone user has about 26 apps installed. In my case, I have over 500 apps installed on my iPhone - of which over two hundred are travel related!

We can always talk about travel, technology, culture, among many things - just post on my profile or join the forum discussions. I'd be glad to answer and provide my thoughts on many areas of discussion.

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Hobbies:

    travel, backpacking, hiking, camping, culture, history, technology, koi, fishponds, aquaria, iOS (iPhone & iPad), food and wine, meeting like minded travelers

  • Favourite places:

    Honolulu, HI
    Bagan, Myanmar
    Los Angeles, CA
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Vancouver, BC
    Pokhara, Nepal
    Osaka, Japan
    Sydney, NSW
    Paris, France
    Ephesus, Turkey
    Tbilisi, Georgia

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. - St. Augustine


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Travel Blogs NT01 runs

  • Nolan's TravBuddy meetups - meetups
  • Seattle and Portland in 3 nights, then back - One of my quick turnaround trans-Pacific trips back in 2006 where jetlag wasn't given a chance to set in. Flew out of Manila on May 15th and returned after 3 nights, arriving on May 19th.
  • Seattle and Tacoma, November 2006 - A quick five day trip to Seattle and Tacoma via Los Angeles. Took Philippine Ailrines to LAX for entry and United from LAX to SEA
  • Angkor Wat 2008 - Land travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap in April 2008. Joined a group of former officemates led by a colleague who had been going to Angkor Wat on a regular basis.
  • The one trip where I spent more nights on a plane than in hotels - Business trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina to deliver a proposal. 36 hour travel to Buenos Aires - one way! MNL x/HKG x/NRT x/JFK COR (diverted) EZE (overnight). Return EZE x/SAO YYZ (overnight) x/ANC x/HKG MNL. Total nights logged on whole trip - 6. Only 2 nights were on the ground. Edited blog with flight details and flown distances.
  • Nolan's TravBuddy Meetups - Photo collection of meetups with TravBuddies. Limited audience to friends list.
  • Myanmar 2014 - Seven glorious days in Myanmar (February 16-23)- covering Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan with TravBuddies Rhea, Alpa and Annika. Plus Stefanie and Genia in Mandalay and Bagan. A big start with the Bangkok meetup at Above Eleven Bar along Sukhumvit 11 with Rhea, Alpa, Jon, Masayo, Sirin, Gary, Kanya and Erika.
  • El Nido Resorts, Apulit Island, Palawan - Quick 3 day, 2 night vacation at El Nido Resorts in Apulit Island last August 2013. All inclusive trip, got it at a bargain courtesy of our neighbor who works as a laywer for the parent company of the resort group
  • The Huge Kuala Lumpur Meetup, November 2014 - TravBuddy meetup organized by myself and Jon (northlight) from November 21-22, 2014. Assisted by local organizers Yanti and Soon Thiam who did a great job. This meetup was planned almost a year before it happened when Nolan, Rhea and Anne booked tickets to Kuala Lumpur and onwards to Sri Lanka. Meetup ID - Discussion -
  • Sri Lanka TravBuddy trip November 2014 - Five night trip to Sri Lanka covering Colombo, Kandy, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Galle and Unawatuna With TravBuddies Rhea, Masayo, Jon, Anne, Forrest, Hali, Kanak, Hima and Devi
  • Meet my TravBuddy friends - Rhea - This is a list of writeups about my TravBuddy friends and the meetups/trips
  • Meet my TravBuddy friends - Cathy - This is a list of writeups about my TravBuddy friends and the meetups/trips
  • France, Belgium and Netherlands 2015 - Ten day trip to France (January 17-21), then Belgium (January 21-23), the Netherlands (January 23-25), before finally returning to Paris and flying out on January 26. Had three TravBuddy meetups in the process, one each in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Great trip with wifey that she enjoyed Europe (her first time there) and we plan to return in the mid future.
  • Thailand and Laos February 2015 - Weeklong trip to Thailand (Bangkok, Ayutthaya) and Laos (Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang) where I spent each night in a different place! February 15, 2015 is the anniversary of our first Bangkok meetup and we were back to make the iconic Beatles' photo ... with a hitch.
  • Dumaguete and Island Hopping 2015 - Family and neighbors vacation to Dumaguete, Negros Occidental. Side trips to Apo Island, Bais area, Manjuyod Sandbar, Sumilon Island, Oslob. Return to Manila via Bacolod. Highlights - dolphins, sea turtles and swimming with the whale sharks.
  • Nolan's Eleven Heaven meetups - Meetups with Eleven Heaven Members - I will make sure I post photos of us together or as part of a group. Note that some of the links to the actual blogs may be restricted to a particular group of people - but this blog is open to registered TravBuddy members.
  • Corito's Garden, Lipa City, Batangas meetup - meetup for Maricar (marix_sublime) who visited Manila on vacation last April 12, 2015. TravBuddies who joined in addition to me: 1) Maricar (marix_sublime) 2) Cathy (cookiecandy22) 3) Ime (docime30) 4) Maine (mudcore) 5) Judith (dithsky) 6) Noel (holdmyhandsforever)
  • USA vacation Spring 2015 - California Arizona Nevada
  • The Travel Technologist Blog - Some of my thoughts regarding trends and technologies involved in travel. Comments and discussions are welcome.
  • Tokyo, Nikko and Kawaguchi - 4 day quick vacation to Tokyo, Nikko and Kawaguchi. Went with wifey, her officemate (with son). Got rained on for most part of the trip, but nevertheless was a lot of fun.
  • South India 2016 - 15 days in South India, arriving East in Chennai and making my way to Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mysore, Hospet, Hampi, Goa, Ernakulam, Munnar and finally Nedumbassery (Cochin Airport). Traveled with Romel (ilovenewjersey), had meetups with Jai (sky69), Bhushan (Bhushan2006), Sy (svang) and Divi (peridivi) in Goa.
  • South India 2016 - 15 day trip to South India landing in Chennai and exiting from Kochi. All cities in between were via land travel - bus, train and car. Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry-Bangalore-Mysore-Hospet-Hampi-Goa-Ernakulam-Munnar-Nedumbassery
  • Kuala Lumpur meetups in January 2016 - Meetups on January 14, 2016 and January 30-31, 2016. KLCC Suria Mall foodcourt, NU Sentral Foodcourt, and travel to Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar
  • Philippine Post Easter Islands Meetup 2016 - Weeklong TravBuddy meetup from Manila to Cebu to Bohol and back. Organized by nolan, super_otap, cookiecandy22 and tiggerlily. Start in Manila on April 1, 2016, visiting Makati, BGC, Intramuros and Tagaytay before flying out to Cebu, while visiting Oslob and Nalusuan Island. Continuing on to Bohol before heading back to Manila while others continued to Palawan.
  • Tokyo, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji and Karuizawa 2016 - Short 4D/4N trip to Tokyo and environs. Finally saw Mt. Fuji after cloud cover cleared. Daytrip via Shinkansen to Karuizawa. Pictures for now, blog to follow.
  • Indonesia and Singapore, August 2016 - August 7 meetup in Jakarta August 8-10 in Malang August 10 in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park August 11-12 in Yogyakarta August 12 in Borobudur and Prambanan August 13-14 in Singapore
  • Vietnam and Cambodia TravBuddy meetup, March 2017 - One week trip, down from three originally planned. Many things didn't go as planned, including an accident but that doesn't dampen the TravBuddy spirit

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Lived in the Philippines for most of my life, have traveled to more than half of the 82 provinces.

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