Nic Haralambous

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


About @NicHarry

49 years old • Male • Business Owner

Nic Harry is an online store with an excellent selection of funky bamboo socks, underwear and t-Shirts. Founded in 2012 by Nic Haralambous, NicHarry has grown into daring and environmentally conscious style company. It focuses on bringing more choice to men and women wanting to stand out.

The bamboo socks are amazing, making you feel special each time you put them on. You have a choice of feeling rather ordinary or socksational - NicHarry obviously leans towards socksational. Their colourful and funky socks are made from soft and luxurious bamboo fibres. Working closely with their factory, they strive to produce the most comfortable socks your feet could dream of. Their focused - timeless quality and outlandish style.

Their seamless online system allows you to have their bamboo t-shirts, funky socks, underwear and custom socks delivered to your door. No matter the occasion, NicHarry's bamboo socks are guaranteed to impress and make you stand out.

Funky bamboo everythaaang


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