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34 years old • Male • Citizen of USA

I have eaten a starfish at a beer festival. I always order tomato juice on domestic flights. I say "soda/pop." I always smell my potential glass before drinking from it. I always explore life from a social, cultural, and political perspective. I take every opportunity life gives to me. I have an interest in increasing a proper representation of APAs in politics and main stream media.

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I live to eat


2012 RTW Trip

16 Jan 2012 • 73,689 kms

USA Japan Cambodia Singapore Thailand Malaysia Brunei Philippines Indonesia Australia New Zealand Vietnam Laos India Afghanistan Nepal United Arab Emirates Bahrain Kuwait Jordan Egypt

Summer 2009 East Asia Trip

• 23,302 kms

USA Japan Hong Kong Taiwan Macau China

Post College Domestic Trip 2011

• 16,246 kms


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