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39 years old • Male

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    I love writting,drawing,playing with dogs,hiking,going somewhere without knowing where it leads,reading poetry,TRAVELLING,singing,walking with my hands in my pockets and thinking of love,all wild sports,martial arts,making clothes,talking till the sun rises again,looking at little birds having bath,eating,drinking a grenadine in summer,I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!

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It has no importance what happens,what counts is who we are and what we do.


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I'm french!If you want to know about france,how is which region,the ones to avoid,and anything I would know,of course!

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I crossed Bulgaria from the south to the north,walking,so I have good knowledge about the places I travelled through.Especially the "Rila natural park".

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I crossed Greece from the west to the center,then to the north,walking,so I know well the regions I travelled through.And I lived there one year,so I know almost everything about life there.And I speak greek.

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I crossed Italy from north-west to the south,walking,so I have good knowledge about there,for landscapes,Italians habits,as far as it's in my experience,ask me!I also speak a bit of Italian.

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I crossed Romania from the south to center,then to the east,walking.I can tell you about how it is there,and all about"Dracula"stuff.

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I crossed Ukraine fron the west to thecenter,then to the south,walking,so I know the places I travelled through.

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