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42 years old • Male • Marketing

  • Hobbies:

    football (that's our version, not the "let's all dress up as multicoloured Darth Vaders" across t' pond!!)
    mickey taking, including the English. ('tis our national past-time!) And, would you believe it? Travelling!!!!

  • Favourite places:

    1) Bed, 2) Pub, 3) City Ground.
    Favourite Area: Northern Italian Lakes (Garda esp)
    Favourite City: Budapest-Hungary
    Place Most Looking Forward To Visiting-Hopefully! The Lake District in Argentina

Live Life To The Full 'Cos You Never Know What Tomorrow'l Bring

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Czech Republic

I have lived in Prague for a total of 10 months, the CZ as a whole for 20. I know all the tips there is for this beautiful country.

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I have lived here practically all my life so am willing and able to offer advise and tips to any would-be traveller to these lush if not completely overcrowded shores!

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