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>>> Our greatest fear should be not that our lives will some day come to an end, but rather, that they may never begin <<<.
So very true, especially in this day and age, where everyone seeks instant gratification and predominantly life is so keen to appoint blame and even create blame where none ever existed.
I am now happily at that age where I have tried my best, (in all things), been successful in some things and failed in others, (who hasn't), only to find that Life really is such a fantastic journey, that though I am now loooking forwards to the next, I will certainly be very sorry to miss out what happens here.
Saying, all that, I could be going for another 30+ years yet, so thats a cheery thought to end on for now.

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    Work, Swimming, Surviving, Putting out rubbish / trash.

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    Vancouver, Crater Lake Oregon, Guillin, Saigon, Shanghai, Corfu,

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