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Male • Retired

Like others I've seen in this community, I'm a refugee from the dearly departed Virtual Tourist. After a bit of a hiatus - and a recent holiday - err trip - I'm back, for better or worse, in the writers seat.

My last 26 years of working was as a taxi owner and driver in my own city - Melbourne, Australia - then in 2010 I retired - yippeeeeee!!! Yes I got to see a lot of humanity with heaps of stories to tell - mostly true!!! In that 26 years I was awarded the Victorian Taxi driver of the Year, wrote an eBook and presented and produced a community radio show for 4 years.

My long suffering wife likes to get rid of me several days a week, so I'm a volunteer in a museum one day a week and helping out at a miniature railway another day of the week.

Since I retired we've had a few trips/holidays - mostly in Australia, however we've added to the travel map, Singapore (return visit), parts of China and recently 25 days in Vietnam.

We've enjoyed a number of holidays in other countries:
1984 Singapore and parts of Malaysia
1987 Fiji - with kids
1989 London and Paris
1993 New Caledonia
2002 Hong Kong and Macua
2007 and dubbed Trip 07 France, Spain, Italy, UAE (Dubai only)
2015 Singapore and China
. . . and LOTS of trips within Australia.

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    Travel, writing, causing trouble, walking, cooking

  • Favourite places:

    How can I have a favourite place when I haven't seen it all, BUT so far it is the smaller cities/towns.

Big bucket list, BIGGER world, at 72 not enough time to see it all.



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