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  • Full Name: Steve Somerville ( Male )
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    I'm a 360ยบ 24-7 news and info pitbull, spin dodger, critical and free thinker, abstract-ist, opinion-ist, blues music lover-ist and cheddar cheese muffin devour-ist.

    Oh, and I am a north of Toronto suburbanite, photographer by trade and features/travel writer. I also teach photography at the Aurora Cultural Centre and other places.

  • Hobbies:

    Blues music, playing guitar, riding fast on my off road bike, roving around on foot, astronomy, listening to podcasts, playing hockey, exploring local and beyond

  • Favourite places:

    Places north, places south, places west, places east - and anywhere in between and beyond.
    we are on the the mere cusp of a supernova of discovery and understanding. you will be absolutely amazed at what we are now, and will be finding. Look at what the Keplar and spitzer telescopes are discovering (for starters) as well as the information transmitted by Cassini and many other outer probes. Our learning curve is spiking upward, approaching warp speed and its momentum is galactic...

    (metaphors provided by the Universal United Metaphor Liberation Front)"

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