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About @Spookworld

This blog is in place to chart the movements and experiences of Dayna & Luke Greenfield through their six-ish week European holiday from Netherlands to Germany to Hungary to Czech Republic to Romania and finally to Greece. Almost all accommodation and intra-continental transport has been booked in advance via the internet. The itinerary has been wholly devised by the travellers themselves based on hearsay, whims, childhood dreams, personal interest and misguided impressions left by film, books & television.

The contributors are:

Luke Greenfield
Age: 31
Occupation: Office misc
Interests: Music, poetry, novels, neurology, human atrocities, alternative food, myths & legends, darkness, lines, non-marsupial rodents

Dayna Greenfield
Age: 31
Occupation: TBA
Interests: non-rodent marsupials, nature in general, low grade-short distance hiking, hearing about (butnot seeing) ghostly things, old stuff, all the Arts, TRAVELLING!


Eurotramp '11

18 Aug 2011 - 01 Oct 2011 • 3,784 kms

Netherlands Germany Czech Republic Hungary Romania Greece

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