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I can be a good source of info if you're planning to go to virtually anywhere in Spain, but specially in the Alpujarras of Granada, a distinguished mecca for travellers. Also good for Edinburgh, where I've lived many years. Practical advice given, how to find a cheap flights between Spain and the UK, accomodation, things to do and see away from the beaten track in both places...

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Your first visit to Morocco? Land? Plane? Where? Avoiding louts? Girls on their own? Cool hotels? Cool places? Summer? Winter? I'll help you how to make the most of your trip as I've travelled there many times on my own, specially the coastal Morocco, from the crowded beaches of Tetouan to the vast and isolated of Laayounne, taxi dealing, and generally how to discover the real beauty and a few tips on how to blend a bit with the locals without being taken for a ride. Moroccans are the most hospitable people.

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