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49 years old

I am a solo traveler on this varied planet in search of a place to call home. The many reasons for this are being unraveled within my website as it develops.

Simple words for a complex task. One that's turning out to be quite an unexpected adventure.

Originally I was trying to think of a "great" travel trip plan to incorporate into this quest of mine... we've had all the pole to pole, round the world, cross every desert type trips.

So not being the most ingenious of people I picked up a map and said ok from the furthest point west to the furthest point east... Point2Point. So let me do it overland and with an unbroken route ...

Wanting to find a new home in this manner can either fall into the category of idiot with no sense or a wandering Exile. I would prefer neither stereotypes

Hopefully I will not be categorized as lost and hopeless, but I do carry a Lonely Planet at times so that may happen at some stage. . .

  • Hobbies:

    Making grammatical, typo, spelling and sentence construction mistakes in my blog.

    Why? Well it's an online journal more than anything else. How easy it is to use a spell check on a windows 98 machine in the middle of nowhere running off a smog spewing generator. Or if in a major city: surrounded by people complaining about not having enough bandwidth for Skype while telling the room about what they did the day before!

    Having said that for edited things on my search for a home visit my website

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I've been a member here on Travellerspoint since around .... 2007, maybe a bit before that with another account if memory serves! I've also been travelling to and living in Nepal since then too. In fact, I also write guidebooks to Nepal! A side affect of writing guidebooks to Nepal is that I've built up a wealth of knowledge about the country that nobody else has. I've got a team on the ground doing research 365 days a year in terms of keeping things up to date on my own website and in my guidebooks. I don't sell tours, treks or anything else. So my advice is completely impartial. Yes, I would like it if you bought one of my guidebooks (you'll be getting the best guidebook to Nepal in world), but in either case if you have a question, I'll be happy to help you out.

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Traveled through Pakistan during Emergency Rule 2007. Anyone need any tips or advice, jsut let me know?

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