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About @ToonSarah

67 years old • Female

Hi, I'm Sarah, an "exile" from Virtual Tourist and looking forward to reconnecting with VT friends here and making new ones too! I live in London UK and am a Londoner, born and bred. I am a librarian by profession, and worked for many years in local and national government, but am now retired.

I love travel and photography, and try to combine my passions whenever I can. I look forward to sharing my experiences here.

I hope it goes without saying that all photos and all blog entries are my own intellectual property. If you see anything you'd like to reproduce do get in touch - I'd be happy to help.

  • Hobbies:

    I am a keen photographer.
    I love to socialise, to eat good food and to have a few drinks!
    I am a passionate supporter of Newcastle United.
    I enjoy the cinema, art exhibitions (especially modern art and photography), museum visits and more – both in London and on my travels.
    And I LOVE to travel!

  • Favourite places:

    Natural wonders:
    The Grand Canyon, Arizona – especially watching a snow storm from its North Rim
    The icebergs of Antarctica – I feel privileged to have visited this most remote of continents
    The wildlife of the Galapagos Islands
    Yosemite – our introduction to the wonderful network of US National Parks
    The scenery of the US southwest – such as Utah or New Mexico

    New York, New York – the first city I visited in the US and still my favourite
    Paris, France – I keep going back to soak up its atmosphere
    London, England – noisy, dirty, full of vitality – I love living here!
    San Francisco, California – the city I want to return to
    Newcastle upon Tyne - my husband's home city and a second home now for me too

    Ancient wonders:
    Temple of Karnak, Egypt – especially at night in the Son et Lumière performance
    The Treasury, Petra, Jordan – could anyone forget their first sight?
    Macchu Pichu, Peru – we didn’t trek there but we still marvelled at the sight

    Hot air balloon over the Namib Desert – well worth the pre-dawn wake-up call (and more recently near Marrakesh)
    Meeting the penguins in Antarctica – so cute and so friendly
    Whale watching anywhere, but especially Tofino, British Columbia – I have never been closer to a whale than we were there
    Taking a flight over the Grand Canyon – the only way to really appreciate the scale of this place
    A helicopter ride over Niagara Falls when on a school trip
    The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
    Tikal, Guatemala – another unforgettable location


    The train journey from Krakow to Lviv – travelling with a great bunch of VTers
    On the road in California – our first of our many US road trips
    Cruising the Galapagos Islands on a small boat, the Angelito
    Driving the gravel roads of Namibia – occasionally hairy but for the most part an exciting adventure
    A cruise on the Rhine – not for my own pleasure, but seeing the delight it gave my late mother-in-law who had dreamed all her life of taking such a trip


Tirana 2023

20 Apr 2023 - 24 Apr 2023 • 3,818 kms

United Kingdom Albania

Colombia 2023

03 Feb 2023 - 21 Feb 2023 • 19,098 kms

United Kingdom Colombia

Nepal 2022

25 Oct 2022 - 12 Nov 2022 • 18,482 kms

United Kingdom Qatar Nepal

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Newcastle upon Tyne is sort of my second home as my husband and I spend several weeks of each year there. I love the city and like to promote it whenever I can

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I have lived here all my life and welcomed many VT members to meetings in the past as well as helping out on the London forum there. I'd love to be able to do the same now for TP members

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