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10 Apr 2014 - 13 Apr 2014

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I grew up in Orange County and currently live here.

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I have traveled frequently to and camped in Joshua Tree National Park.

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I've lived in the United States my entire life (over 50 years!). Most of that has been in Southern California, but I've also lived in Virginia. As I have relatives all over the United States, I have traveled cross-country many times. I have also traveled by train and plane to various points in the U.S. I am most familiar with Southern California, especially Orange County and San Diego.

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I'm a California native and have lived in Southern California most of my life. With a background in law enforcement, I am very familiar with the places to see as well as how to do so safely with your family.

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I have lived in Southern California for most of my life (over 50 years). I currently work in San Diego County at a popular resort and have visited just about every popular tourist destination here. I have also camped and hiked and explored many lesser known areas of San Diego County.

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I have a background in law enforcement and hotel security. With three children of my own, keeping them safe while traveling and visiting tourist destinations has always been at the forefront of my planning.

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I'm married with three teenage sons, two dogs and a cat. Our family travels have been mostly in the United States on road trips. We have traveled by car, RV, plane and train (cross-country!!). We also enjoy camping. I know the difference between a site which merely has accommodations for children and a place which is truly designed to be enjoyed by the family as a whole. I am happy to share with you all that I've learned about what makes travel easy for parents.

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