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About @TravelMc

46 years old • Female • Marketing Coordinator

The Travelling Mc - I left NZ in 2002 to see a bit of Europe and hopefully have a lot of great experiences. I've been in the UK ever since and have managed to make it around Europe ticking off all those places I've always wanted to see. I have now found I love Italy passionately and would live there if I was told I couldn't return to NZ. In the meantime I'll make do with visits!

  • Hobbies:

    Acting, Rowing, Travelling, Martial Arts, watching movies (which sounds very lame but I really enjoy going to the cinema), very amature photography (including black and white printing)

  • Favourite places:

    Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, Milan, Avignon, Le Grande Motte (for the sun!), Florence, Glasgow, Fort William, Fort Augustus, Edinburgh, Brighton, Arundel, All of Devon, the Cotswolds,York, NEW ZEALAND!!!, New York, St Lucia, Brisbane central, The Gold Coast, Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hine, Cambridge UK, Marazion, The Minack Theatre, St Michaels Mount UK, Caen, Prague...

There is always a silver lining!


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United Kingdom

I have lived in the UK since 2002 and I travel about in my spare time. I can help with all sorts of questions on living and visiting as well as general information for Travellers.

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I have travelled around a protion of Thailand alone and am happy to talk to anyone about it - it is a different experience and can be quite a culture shock if you have never travelled to such a different place before.

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I have travelled a bit around Aus and as a kiwi have a slightly different appreciation of the country to any other visitor.

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I initially came to do a spot of travelling and seem to have 'moved in' to England. I have travelled through France, Italy, Catalonia, UK and Ireland. I have also spent time in Thailand, Australia and NZ, naturally. I am happy to help with any questions on those regions about anything to do with Travelling - backpacking to staying in hotels.

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New Zealand

I am a kiwi and have spent a large portion of my life travelling around NZ (the North Island especially). I have a lot of local knowledge I'm happy to empart.

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