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54 years old • Female • Travel Talk Show Host & Dog Walker

I was raised in Denver, Colorado where I received a degree in Geography from the University of Northern Colorado. I left university several times in order to travel about. I worked in horticultural research between Colorado and Hawaii for a number of years before relocating to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to score a great job in NZ that allowed me six months off a year, which I took full advantage of. For five years I spent six months a year traveling.
My mother adopted two little girls from China which brought me back stateside. I now live in San Diego were I co-host Travel Hub Radio, an internet travel talk show, which keeps my travel lust alive.

  • Hobbies:

    travel, radio, collecting magazines, road trips, photography, cooking, backpacking, eating, did I mention eating!

  • Favourite places:

    Mongolia, Laos, Nepal, Russia, the beach, Gorkey Park, a hammock, Italy, Rome, Mekong Delta, Katmandu, New Zealand, on a boat (not a cruise ship), on the road, China, at a cafe

  • Elsewhere:
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Russia November 2003

31 Oct 2003 - 30 Nov 2003


Mongolia September 2003

31 Aug 2003 - 31 Oct 2003


China August 2003

31 Jul 2003 - 31 Oct 2003


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