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About @TravelingThor

51 years old • Male • Digital Marketing

I was named after the great Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl and we even share a similar last name too. Traveling is what I enjoy most and what I do best. Like Mr. Heyerdahl, I seek adventure, knowledge, and culture.

I was a member of TravBuddy for 11 years, 2007-2018.

I am from New Jersey and have worked in New York City for the last 15 years. I speak English but can hold conversations in German and Spanish too. Traveling helps me stay sharp.

  • Hobbies:

    Travel, sports, photography, astronomy, music, German culture, World Cup soccer, trivia, cruising on the ocean, anything outdoors.

  • Favourite places:

    I have been to 38 countries and have 3 more planned for summer 2018. I have some unforgettable travel experiences and a never-ending list of new places to visit and fun excursions to go on. I literally use up all my allotted vacation days to travel. Here are some of my favorites:

    1) Seeing the Northern Lights on two very clear nights in Iceland, Feb 2017.

    2) Hiking 10,200 feet to the top of Machu Picchu on the Winter Solstice, June 21, 2017.

    3) Flying mach 2 from NY to London on the Concorde jet in 1999. Being at the edge of space and seeing the curvature of the Earth at 60,000 feet while going almost 2,000 miles per hour was a once in a lifetime experience.

    4) Seeing and touching the ancient Stonehenge monuments.

    5) Sailing through the Bermuda Triangle and the Panama Canal.

    6) Zip lining in the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica.

    7) Parasailing in the Bahamas.

    8) Racing ATVs on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.

    9) Riding dune buggies in the Mojave Desert.

    10) Watching my soccer team, FC Bayern Munchen, play their arch rival, Borussia Dortmund, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

    11) Cruising through Glacier Bay in Alaska. Seeing killer whales, sea otters, and grizzly bears in the wild.

    12) Walking on Iceland's 2nd largest glacier and entering an ice cave INSIDE the glacier.

    13) Visiting the Kon-Tiki Museum in Olso, Norway and standing next to Thor Heyerdahl's famous raft including the Ra II, the expedition from which my name was derived.

    14) Exploring Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in southern Iceland.

    15) Seeing waterfalls flowing, geysers erupting, ancient lava fields, volcanoes, glaciers, and standing in the rift in the Earth between the North American and Eurasian continental plates.

Always be Traveling


Scotland 2023

16 Apr 2023 - 18 Apr 2023 • 104 kms

United Kingdom

Europe 2018

28 Jun 2018 - 13 Jul 2018 • 15,935 kms

Portugal Spain France Andorra Switzerland Poland Germany USA

Caribbean Cruise 2018

24 Feb 2018 - 01 Mar 2018 • 1,954 kms

Puerto Rico Sint Maarten Saint Kitts and Nevis Antigua and Barbuda Saint Lucia Barbados

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