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About @Trekki

64 years old • Female • Passionate traveller and ... tour guide

First of all I should mention that I am a passionate European, and only then a "Palatinater" (from southwest Germany) and then German.

I am one of the Virtualtourist refugees, where I was member since 2004. Writing about my trips and travel thoughts became my passion. So much that I decided to quit my longtime job in the chemical industry some time ago and ... became tour guide :-)

My motto "Paths are being created by taking them" reflects my travel philosophy: there are so many exciting destinations out there I wish to see and discover that I always leave the trotten path. Hence I will cover these in my blogs mostly.

But this doesn't mean that I don't like big famous cities. Among my favourites are London, Venice, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna.

  • Hobbies:

    Trekking, kayaking, reading, nature, meet people from different cultures, music, landscapes, history, architecture, finding new places and finding nice restaurants or other food options, and a lot more :-)

    Discoveries - curiosity is in my blood.

    Landscapes - I can't get enough of mountains, puffy white clouds, green meadows etc.

    Architecture - mostly ancient structures but also modern ones.

    Museums - one day I might feature in "Night at the Museum" because I also can't get enough of good museums and could spend hours there.

    Hiking - of course, this is the result of my love for landscapes. In the past Patagonia was my favourite hiking region, nowadays, some years older, it is mostly the Bavarian, Palatinate and Italian mountains.

    Food - I could never be an XS model, simply because I love to savour good food. Hence some of my blog entries cover good food places.

    Shopping - no, I don't collect shoes but I like to shop genuine handcrafted things. If I can afford them ....

    Meetup with friends - for a good coffee or a nice dinner or just to explore new places.

    Reading - my library at home has approx. 2000 books, it is more that the books live with me than vice versa. Mostly this is travel literature, but also books from my favourite authors Bill Bryson, Tony Hillerman, Donna Leon, Andrea Camilleri, just to name a few.

  • Favourite places:

    Italy (especially Umbria, Marche), Germany (especially Bavaria and Palatinate), Patagonia, Spain, Sweden

Paths are being created by taking them


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Since many years I love Umbria and have been there on various travels since 2008. So far I have mainly explored the eastern part of the region (east of Perugia) but also Orvieto.

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I'd love to help with any information about Gubbio. It is the town in Italy I've visited most and I am also honourable member of the society of crossbowers. Their festival is being held each last Sunday in May. Gubbio is also famous for Festa dei Ceri, a religious festival on May 15th, in honour of the town's patron saint Sant'Ubaldo

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Hi all, I love Italy and did many trips to various places in Umbria, Marche, Basilicata, Bologna, Venice, etc. More to come because I can't get enough of this wonderful country, its lovely people and the so delicious food. Ask me anything about religious and food festivals :-) Thanks :-) Ingrid

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Hi there :-) I live in Germany and like my country, especially Bavaria and Rhineland Palatinate. I would love to help with any questions about history, planning, architecture, churches etc. Thanks :-) Ingrid

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